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Our factory especial in: Arcyic Bathtub, Steam Cabinet, Shower Enclosure, Saunna Cabinet, Ceramics sanitary ware, Handware in bathroom or Kitchen....

Main business

Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Bathpro Sanitary ware have over 3 Years in Alibaba, and trading assurance over $30,000. we have confidence on ourshelf in future.

Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Bathpro Sanitary Ware

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Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Analysis of sanitary ware Market

2012-9-4 23:18:33

1, there ware two schools:

One is the schools of the United States and Japan, the process design schools of the United States and Japan is to pay attention to in the mass production, which is characterized by simple shape, easy production, quality affordable,popularization. Another is the European schools, mainly in France, Italy and Spain, the European style, pay attention to personal taste excellent functionaland artistic, because of its beautiful shape, color rich two degree burn and high-grade ceramic art. Two degree burn ", which is a two degree temperature basedon full porcelain firing, roasted on a layered meal patterns, colorful lines, bring out the user's taste of life.

2, why clean toilet still has irritating smell, arch-criminal is not completelyporcelain ware. Because it has not turned into one hundred percent porcelain,ceramics will still, water, and breathing is "sewage", in the course of time, they can only spit out of peculiar smell.

3, why well ware used for one or two years, would be rather baffling craze?

Or because there is no complete porcelain sake, it can absorb water, sewagesuction more, lead to bad expansion table tension, will bring ware crack.

4, what kind of sanitary ware and long service life?

Bad body hardness whole porcelain ware of high, close to diamond hardness,impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

5, how to discern simply ware porcelain degree?

Percussion porcelain surface, with the hand the sound crisp, not boring, saidwhole porcelain. Water on the no glaze porcelain bad surface, see waterconditions, such as water absorption that no whole porcelain, porcelain is notabsorbent.

6, how to make the whole production process of sanitary porcelain?

This requires soil material formula and glaze formulation is very high technical difficulty, after 1250 degree high temperature firing, so completely vitrified, dense texture, no water and no deformation.

(1) should choose well-known brand name products, these products are testedstrictly in all aspects, quality can be trusted. At the same time, these enterprises also have some of the quality management system, to ensure product quality.

(2) recognize the water-saving marks, buy water-saving products. The sanitary ware through water-saving certification, also have national brand products,consumers can rest assured to buy. At the same time, also need to recognize the types of the products. The same brand of products, not all models through the relevant certification.

(3) to choose their own favorite style. According to the actual situation, choose the right product from the pit. The pit from the sewage hole center is the distancefrom the wall. If the products the pit from small, cannot be installed; if the holespacing is too large, it will occupy a lot of space.

(4) according to their purchasing power to buy different prices of sanitary ware products.

The installation of toilet have certain requirements, most notably in theinstallation, can not be installed with cement, avoid toilet cracking.

Commissioning of water tank accessories is also very important, in general,products in the factory, even after installation and debugging. But consumers can debug cistern fittings according to different needs, in order to achieve the best effect of flushing.

Toilet in the use process, not the debris thrown into, so as not to cause blockage.

1 sanitary ware glazed surface smooth, delicate, no gravel bubbles, elegantdelicate, smooth and simple, elegant color, match with the bathroom wall tilecolor. According to their own economic strength to choose the brand, and adapt to the overall level of residential decoration.

2 sanitary ware three piece suit, basin and toilet material washing is the ceramic parts. Bathtub made of acrylic, steel, cast iron, so pay attention between threesets of color as far as possible, consistent, different brands of color is not necessarily the same (color), so when mixed, as far as possible, careful selection of color approximation.

3 acrylic is a new chemical materials, it should be the choice of acrylic sheetbathtub dedicated manufacturing bathtub, acrylic bathtub light texture, color,style, good insulation properties, low price, use has been quite popular indomestic and foreign; steel bathtubs relatively, low cost, poor heat-insulating property, but because plate thickness and decision the possibility of deformation,but life than acrylic long, not easy to wear flowers acrylic phenomenon; cast ironbecause the amount of investment is high, many foreign brands are usingcommissioned processing, OEM production, transportation, installation, because the weight of the relationship will be very bad, but compared to the above two kinds of material, smooth surface, density fine, the service life is long compared;synthetic marble is a newly developed green products, including natural stonecomposition, light, wear resistance, impact resistance, ware three set all the integrated material manufacturing, the color will be very harmonious.

4 wash basin and the water faucet matching, single hole basin selection of singlehole faucet, washbasin with three single handle double tap or double handlefaucet (foreign brands is also called the separated three leading). Drain pipe on the wall, choose P turn, drainage pipe in the ground, choose S turn.

5 toilet sewage pipe center to wall distance is called the hole is apart from,lavatory hole is apart from to and the sewage discharge pipe hole is matched,generally used in the design of the building when the 400MM hole is apart from,and there are some building designers do when in architectural design or foreign designers design, the designers do detailed design, using 305MM from the pit(America standard), the European standard is about 210MM away from the pit,with the European products appear in China market, the promotion of new ideas,to bring the foreign brand in the market, housing has been a flush type water tank with hanging.

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